Coverage of Individual Publications:

Place, S. S., Todd, P. M., Penke, L., & Asendorpf, J. B. (2009). The ability to judge the romantic interest of others. Psychological Science, 20(1), 22-26. PDF. Keywords: Mate Choice

This research was covered in the national papers of Canada, Austria and Germany (Globe and Mail, Krone, Welt), Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio, talk radio in Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as scientific magazines (Science News, Psychology Today, Bild der Wissenschaft (Germany), Tiede (Finland)), popular health & wellness press (Men’s Health, Fitforfun (Germany)) and the online community (,, etc).

Todd, P. M., Penke, L., Fasolo, B., & Lenton, A. (2007). Different cognitive processes underlie human mate choices and mate preferences. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 104(38), 15011. PDF. Keywords: Mate Choice Simple Decision Heuristics

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Coverage also in:
AFP wire-service, International Herald Tribune, Washington Post Radio, German Public Radio,,,, Spiegel Magazine (Germany), NPR, Sound Medicine radio show, CBS News Radio (Los Angeles)

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Food Choice

Corrigan, Annie. (2013). Less is More When it Comes to Food Choice. Indiana Public Media / WFIU Radio. link
James, Tracy. (2007). Food for Thought. Indiana University Research & Creative Activity, 30(1). link

Sequential Search in Mate Choice

BBC World Service Radio, BBC Radio 4, various local British/Irish/German radio and tv stations, appearance in Ich Dich Auch ("I (love) you too", German documentary film on love/partnerships), The Guardian (London newspaper), Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German version of Scientific American), Jyllands-Posten (largest circulation daily newspaper in Denmark), Der Standard (Austria), Joy (German womens' magazine), Freundin (German womens' magazine), Emoção e inteligência (Brazilian psychology magazine), Die Weltwoche (Swiss news magazine), Max Planck Society Spiegel/Mirror magazine (both German and English editions-a top scientific research magazine in Germany), New Scientist

Simple Heuristics

Scientist, Science News, Education Times/Times of India

Speed Dating in Mate Choice

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